Hi friends! Happy #TileTuesday. Sorry that we have been M.I.A recently, we have been trying to get caught up after our week at NeoCon. We will be sharing some of the awesome commercial products and delicious foods we ate this week on Friday!

Micamy Design Studio_Interior Design_Clay Theatre_Event Space_Venue_Wedding_Art Deco_Modern_Bridal Suite_Tile_Flower_Wine Fridge.jpg

The design of the Bride’s Room was a lot of fun. We customized the entire space to meet all of the needs of the party who may be using it. Originally, the Bride’s Room was going to be located downstairs where the Groom’s Room is. Mid-construction, our client’s provided a valid point that this room was bigger and also apart of the interior shell of the building. We all agreed switching the rooms would be best but that meant we had to slightly altar our design.

Micamy Design Studio_Interior Design_Clay Theatre_Event Space_Venue_Wedding_Art Deco_Modern_Bridal Suite_Tile_Flower_Rose.jpg

Our favorite detail in this room is the decorative floral tile incorporated into both the bar and the bathroom. It adds an elegant touch to the room without being overwhelming. The tile was brought to us by our awesome reps at Crossville Studios and is manufactured by Stone Impressions. Click here for more info!

Micamy Design Studio_Interior Design_Clay Theatre_Event Space_Venue_Marble_Art Deco_Modern_Bridal Suite_Tile_Flower_Bathroom (2).jpg

We continued a band of the floral tile into the bathroom to add a nice accent and break up the faux Carrara marble. The gold fixtures in the rooms add a beautiful finishing touch.

Clay Theatre_Event Space_Wedding Venue_Wood Floors_Bridal Suite_Bridal Party_Art Deco Style_Modern_Micamy_Design_Interior Designer_Interiors_Circa Lighting.jpg

The whole room came together so seamlessly between the finishes, furniture and lighting. Our clients were truly amazing in trusting us with the selection process. It was an honor to be apart of this project and we hope you enjoy reading about it!