Hey there and happy #TileTuesday everyone! This week we are showing off the Shibui Tungsten Silk by Lunada Bay. We are so in love with this entire collection because it can really be used anywhere to add a pop of color & texture to a space. We accentuated the back splash by adding colorful coastal sconces and a stunning gray soapstone to the vanity.

As always, we order physical samples of the tile we select for projects to be able to see the color variations. Everything appears differently online and it is too risky to trust if you want to produce a seamless design. Once we had the Shibui Tungsten in our possession we then selected one of our larger solid subway tiles that picked up the sand color from within the mosaic.

After designing the vanity we thought we would add subtle hints of color to the rest of the room. We incorporated the colorful glass mosaic tile throughout the walls of the restrooms to unify the space.


Well that’s it for this week, we are getting so excited to release a new project we just photographed that has tons of beautiful tile so check back with us soon!